On the path among the seaweeds

Poet Dorit Weisman and painter Oded Zaidel embark on a journey in an artists’ book

Book Cover

Weisman wrote the poem while on vacation in the Sinai Peninsula; Seidel was moved by it, and inspired to paint a series of pictures of the Red Sea shore.      


Dorit Weisman is known for her straightforward yet warm writing style.  Oded Seidel is known for his expressionistic painting depicting industrial areas and junkyards in the Jerusalem area and which is characterized by the dramatic use of color.  


The collaboration between the two has produced an intriguing result: the poem becomes an integral part of the picture and the picture a continuation of the poem. 

A selection of reactions to the book

Roni Somek, poet:
Dorit Weisman in yellow ink and Oded Zaidel in blue paintbrush, paint magnificent longitude and latitude lines on the mute map named Desert. 

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Dr. Gilad Meiri, poet:
The book, as a complete interdisciplinary creation, breaks the boundaries of poetic and stylistic conventions, but most importantly—it is simply a book pleasurable to read.

Shimon Buzaglo, poet:
The book, from its very first lines, creates a relaxed enchanting atmosphere, and an image is molded of a person who is not only at peace with the world, but furthermore—accepts it, themselves and others in wise open arms; but above everything, singing arms! 

Prof. Uri Bernstein, poet:
Dorit Weisman is a gifted courageous poet, whose voice rings unique in contemporary Hebrew poetry. On the Path between the Sea Grass is an extraordinary lyrical book that describes a typical Israeli moment in the Country’s landscape, wherein springs enlightenment deriving from a unique fusion of spirit and landscape. 

Leor Sternberg, poet:
Real delight. A gentle ripe book that touches on many layers.

Oded Zaidel

On the occasion of Launching On the Path between the Sea Grass, Avram Café, Jerusalem, 12.6.11

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I was very happy to co-create this book with Dorit.

The Polish/Zionist bit of vacation and idleness mixed with slight pangs of conscience got to me and made me deeply identify. I loved the gall and the humor in our joint decision to publish an artists’ book to a poem whose subject matter is a hotel vacation.

The writing style of the poem moved me deeply: the simplicity and directness of writing with no metaphors and no rhymes. The poem is composed of fragments, each like a haiku trying to capture a moment. When I worked on the paintings, it was important to me to have them sharp and succinct like the poem, to maintain the instantaneous condensed character—like a haiku in painting. Each painting depicts a piece of reality—a hotel room, a pool shed, a palm tree, a Mazda truck, French Hill landscape—a piece describing specified place and time, but also reflecting inner activity. 

The book is an independent production of ours. We got help from good professional people, but took full responsibility for each and every detail: the design, the layout, the paper type, printing and cover.  

I would like to use this occasion to thank the distinguished publishing houses who politely refused us when we approached them at the beginning of the way, without whom this book would have not come out the way it did. 

And a heartfelt thank you to whoever supported and helped!